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LAL, Multidisciplinary Professionals in Science

LAL, the Finnish Union of Experts in Science, is a union for all professionals who have obtained a higher education degree in science. The Union's aim is to protect and improve the financial, professional and social interests of its members and to promote the employment of its members' professional skills in different social sectors.

The Union has over 7 900 members from different branches of science: chemists, biochemists, biologists and geneticists, amongst others. Our members represent over 400 different job titles and are employed in all sectors - in public and private as well as university.

We are politically unaffiliated and independent of any political party.


Luonnontieteiden Akateemisten Liitto LAL

Pohjoinen Makasiinikatu 6 A
00130 Helsinki, Finland

Tel. 09 2511 1660

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